Promotional & Branded Umbrellas


Umbrellas are not just practical accessories; they’re also powerful branding tools that can shield your customers from the rain while showcasing your brand in style. At UK Merchandising, we offer a diverse range of promotional umbrellas, including golf umbrellas, compact umbrellas, and more, each meticulously designed to combine functionality with fashion.


Popular Categories

Stand Out on the Green with Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are essential accessories for any golfer, providing ample coverage from the elements while out on the course. Our range of promotional golf umbrellas offers a generous canopy size, sturdy construction, and vibrant printing options, making them ideal for showcasing your brand during outdoor events, golf tournaments, or corporate outings. With their large canopy and bold branding, our golf umbrellas ensure that your logo stands out on the green, attracting attention and leaving a lasting impression on players and spectators alike.

Practicality Meets Style: Promotional Umbrellas for Every Occasion

Whether braving a sudden downpour or seeking shade from the sun, our promotional umbrellas offer practical protection with a touch of elegance. From compact umbrellas that fit easily into a bag to large, wind-resistant umbrellas for maximum coverage, our range caters to a variety of needs and preferences. Each umbrella can be customised with your logo, message, or brand colors, ensuring that your brand is prominently displayed rain or shine. Whether used for daily commutes, outdoor events, or leisurely strolls, our promotional umbrellas provide a stylish way to shield yourself from the elements while promoting your brand with every use.

What Makes Umbrellas A Great Promotional Product?

Promotional umbrellas offer numerous benefits for businesses looking to increase brand visibility and foster customer loyalty. Not only do they provide practical protection from the weather, but they also act as mobile billboards, promoting your brand to a wide audience wherever they’re used. Additionally, umbrellas offer a large printing area, allowing for prominent display of your logo or message, thus maximising brand exposure. Furthermore, umbrellas are highly versatile items that can be used year-round, ensuring ongoing visibility and brand recognition.

At UK Merchandising, we understand that quality is essential when it comes to promotional products. That’s why we source only the finest materials and work with trusted manufacturers to ensure that every umbrella meets our exacting standards. Whether it’s a compact umbrella for daily use or a golf umbrella for outdoor events, you can trust UK Merchandising to deliver products that are both durable and stylish. With our customised umbrellas, you can shield yourself from the elements while making a lasting impression on clients and customers alike.

Make a Splash with Promotional Umbrellas

From golf courses to city streets, promotional umbrellas offer a versatile and effective way to promote your brand and enhance customer engagement. With UK Merchandising’s range of customisable options, you can elevate your brand’s visibility and leave a lasting impression rain or shine. Explore our selection today and discover the power of branded umbrellas for your business.